Prostatitis and erectile dysfunction

Unfortunately for the entire male community, the prostatitis affects the potency. Prostatitis may be the cause of such disorders of potency, as erectile dysfunction, reduced quality of sex due to the change of the range of sensations, as well as premature ejaculation. In spite of the fact the prostatitis and erectile dysfunction are connected with each other, in fairness, it should be noted that the impact of prostatitis on the potency is not so harmful and will not cause any irreversible physiological changes in sexual life. However, the various disorders of potency when prostate, may cause psychological problems associated with changing perceptions during sexual intercourse.

Correction of potency when prostatitus

If successful curing of prostate, the problems with the potency should go down themselves. If prostatitis was treated and the potency were not fully restored – these cases are subject to neuropsychiatric correction, as the reasons lie in this area.

In general, a lot of urologists don’t associate the prostatitis and erectile dysfunction directly, although there is a link between them. The roots of potency disorders (erectile dysfunction) tend to lie in another things. Typically, these are problems with the vessels of the penis (atherosclerosis), the effects of diabetes, kidney disease, trauma. Causes of disorders of potency are established during the examination.

Thus, the erectile dysfunction problems when prostatitis are amenable to correction, it is important to maintain a trusting relationship with your doctor and follow his appointment.